About Us

António Correia Alves, at the age of 17, decides to venture in the world of footwear.
Along with his father, José Correia de Sá, they started the firm J. Correia de Sá e Filho, which will manufacture men footwear. So, in January 1948 it is registered the brand Dural and on February 2nd of the same year it begins to work. The factory, that has no more than five employees, is located in Escapães.

The workers of the "industry" could be narrowed down to the cutters and the sewing machines operators, the assembly was pratically all done manually, outside the factory.

Our History

  • 1954

    A firma J. Correia de Sá e Filho é dissolvida e o filho resolve tornar-se independente, fundando a firma António Correia Alves, dando continuidade ao fabrico de calçado de homem, das marcas Dural e Durex, que irá durar com esta designação até ao ano de 1977.

  • 1956

    António Correia Alves, juntamente com António Martins e Godofredo Gomes de Castro (ambos vendedores da firma António Correia Alves) fundam uma nova sociedade, a que dão o nome de Alves, Martins e Castro.

    Ginita's brand is developed withing children footwear, introducing the lasting in its manufacture (this kind of work was done elsewhere).

  • 1970

    This firm is dissolved in 1970 and up to 1977 there will just be the firm António Correia Alves.

  • 1977

    Com a denominação social de António Correia Alves e Filho, após dar sociedade à sua esposa, filho e genro, dedicar-se-á até 1984 ao fabrico de calçado de homem – Dural e Durex, calçado de criança – Ginita e de senhora – Magli.

  • 1994

    The Partnership ceases and the firm becomes an Anonymous Society, with the denomination of António Correia Alves e Filho, S.A in order to conquer Foreign markets, all the previous brands and manufacture types are abandoned, leading to the exclusive appearance of women's footwear with the brand Ginita.